Twitter-blocked Red Wolves fans are still steamed at Bryan Harsin

Coach Bryan Harsin holds a mean, long grudge.

Back in 2013, which feels like a thousand years ago, current Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin was the top cheese at Arkansas State, where he opened the season 3-4. That mark included incredibly lackluster loses to regional rival Memphis (31-7, 505 total yards surrendered) and conference rival Louisiana (23-7, only 17:42 TOP).

The Red Wolves would rebound to win five of the remaining six games, which included a GoDaddy Bowl victory over Ball State – though Harsin was long gone to Boise by then. Today, A-State fans are still piping hot. Not because Harsin became the third consecutive one-and-done head coach for the Red Wolves. And not even for losing so miserably to Memphis and the Cajuns. But because Harsin had blocked several fans on Twitter.

After the Memphis loss, and later following the Cajuns debacle, Red Wolves fans were less than amused. Like many blue-blooded Americans, fans took their grievances to Twitter. Harsin responded by petulantly blocking an ass-ton of Arkansas State fans, including me. Some of us probably flew of the handle and merited the rebuke. But many fans couldn’t even think of what earned them the blocking.

And we’re still blocked! After all these years! On Friday Jonesboro celebrity and radio personality Kara Richey inadvertently reopened old wounds by posing this bit of innocent July fodder on Twitter:

It appeared that the Twitterverse still had beef with Harsin.

The negative response compelled Richey to issue further comment:

In a moment of painful discovery, Richey herself wasn’t even aware that she too had been Harsin Blocked!

In a show of solidarity, many Red Wolves fans post their “Blocked By Harsin” Twitter notifications.

Four years later, Coach Bryan Harsin is enjoying a nice career at Boise State, and the Red Wolves are winning Sun Belt championships without him. Why not let bygones be bygones? UNBLOCK US, COACH HARSIN! WE BESEECH YOUI ask that you draw the strength to forgive from you own pinned Tweet:

After all, everything is a choice, sir. And surely we’ve learned this hard lesson.




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