The Forgotten hit the Jim Thorpe Award watch list hard.

I pledge my life and honor to the Watch List Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.

In my arrogant opinion, what comes first in football is a good secondary.

Actually, you should probably have a good QB, a great offensive line and a stout defensive line first, but I really wanted to say “what comes first is a good secondary.” Listen, it’s not easy being on The Watch List Watch. All I do is wait for the watch lists to come out, strip all the P5 names from it, then post it here on Forgotten5 like I’m a weird reverse Hunter S. Thompson. Let me have one bit of ham fisted word play, okay?

As our custom, we are concerned only with the Forgotten and not with the P5 who are (rumor has it) also represented on these lists.

Jim Thorpe Award

Since 1986, the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame (of which I’m not a member) has presented the Thorpe to the nation’s top collegiate defensive back. Last year’s luck winner: Adoree’ Jackson from USC. The last Forgotten? Greg Myers from Colorado State, waaaaaaaaaay back in 1995. We’re due.

Brandon Addison, Old Dominion

Joe Brown, WKU

Andre Chachere, San Jose State

Sean Chandler, Temple

Justin Clifton, Arkansas State

Amari Coleman, Central Michigan

Clifton Duck, Appalachian State

Shawun Lurry, NIU

Kishawn McClain, North Texas

Deatrick Nichols, USF

Parry Nickerson, Tulane

Jeremy Reaves, South Alabama

Andrew Wingard, Wyoming

Jalen Young, Florida Atlantic

About 31% of the 45-member Thorpe list is comprised of “Grade A” G5 talent. We haven’t won the damn thing in over two decades, tho.

Up Next, July 17:  the Butkus Award (Presented to the nation’s best linebacker) and the Paul Hornug Award (Presented to the most versatile player in college football)

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